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V Gelato is a premium vegan gelato brand committed to excellence in every scoop. Our goal is to surpass all other dairy-free competitors in taste and texture, creating the ultimate product on the market. Unlike other vegan gelatos, we've crafted ours to maximize texture, creaminess, and flavor using only the freshest and best ingredients. Our gelato is a testament to the expertise of Maestro Eric Dorval, who draws inspiration from flavors around the world to create unique, authentic blends. Indulge in our dairy-free gelato, featuring uncommon flavors that are sure to impress.
Experience the best vegan gelato on the market with V Gelato.


The World-Class Gelato right in your neighborhood

V gelato is the ultimate premium vegan gelato brand that surpasses all dairy-free competitors in taste and texture. Our gelato is developed to maximize creaminess and texture, providing a product in the plant-based, dairy-free realm that rivals its dairy-produced counterpart.

Maestro Eric uses only the best and freshest ingredients, without any use of preservatives, to create an all-natural vegan gelato. V gelato is not only available in displays, but also in single portions, pints, and pans for interested restauranteurs. Inspired by flavors from around the world, our gelato aims to feature unique and uncommon flavors, served in a plant-based vegan form.

From Our Hearts
to A Perfect Scoop

Eric Dorval is a Gelato Maestro and expert in creating excellent vegan gelato. He has over 10 years of experience and is a graduate of Gelato University. Eric has worked in many top-tier Gelaterias, including one of the top 5 in the world. In 2018, he won the gold medal at the Gelato Festival’s Chicago Competition and is the only North American Gelato Ambassador for the Association of Italian Gelatieri. Eric's vegan gelato is made with the finest plant-based ingredients and is crafted with only the freshest and most natural ingredients. His flavors are mouth-watering, indulgent, and completely vegan. Eric's gelato is perfect for anyone looking for a delicious and healthy dessert.


Innovative Flavors and Creamy Texture in Our Vegan Gelato

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